Love your girls freely. Stand with them in front of a mirror and tell them how beautiful they are. Every freckle, blemish, scar or body shape is unique and they own it! Embrace your bouncy curls, straight and sleek hair, short and fun.. all of it is beautiful. Please give your girls..OUR girls the confidence from young. Start now.

Xoxo, Tiff


As we celebrate, I want all of you to keep in mind the beauty of life. It is imperfect, it’s not easy but it does not have to be filled with negativity and hate. I ask all of you to Be kind to one another and Most importantly, be kind to YOURSELF. Put yourself first, nurture your body, mind and soul. Make this year your own and live fearlessly and fierce. Go after what you need but at the same time, be patient and let things gravitate towards you naturally. There is always room for growth, always time to learn and never too late or too old to make mistakes! Happy New Years to all of my little dolls, hot mommas and dads! KEEP SHINING.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

The Christmas tree lights up the living room, warm and cozy in my red and green holiday fuzzy socks and I’m thinking to myself about the holiday cheer. The Christmas carols, beautiful decor of bright light, inflatable santas and snowmans. The most important feeling for me is Love. Love your friends, love your family, love your pets, your neighbors and even be kind to those annoying coworkers because we are all looking forward to being here on this earth to celebrate not only Christmas and the New Year but LIFE. I wanted to take this time to spread my LOVE to the families who maybe having a hard time this holiday because of losing a loved one. To the moms who can be surrounded with so much joy but feel empty inside. I’m spreading my LOVE to the fathers who are confused, helpless and trying their hardest to bring a bit of hope and happiness to lift up not only themselves but their children, their wives, their girlfriends and even friends who have lost a child. As the days becomes darker and nights grows colder, Christmas is approaching and it can all be very overwhelming. It doesn’t matter how merry it can be, we can be breaking down on the inside. We can go through days, weeks, months and even years trying to figure out the meaning of a situation but we don’t have answers. You may not understand but you feel. You feel regret, you feel a deep hollow shell of sadness that you fill with memories and live off of hope and the comfort of prayer. I want to tell all of you parents, single moms and dads that my spirit is with you. You may have lost a loved one but you have gained an Angel. Take your time this holiday to condition your spirit. If you have other children, keep the love growing. Connect with family and don’t stay distant for too long. We all need time to ourselves but the best medicine to heal is being amongst your loved ones. Remember to keep your Angel or Angels in strength, love and memory this holiday. An idea I thought of for any of you, hanging a beautiful Angel Christmas ornament is so precious and special to see on your tree. I hope this brings smiles to all and peace of mind throughout the following days. 

Xoxo, Tiff

*This is dedicated to my Sister Keysha and my mom who have gained an Angel. I Love You.