It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted on here and I want to become more consistent and active with this blog. I feel like I have so much to share and stories to tell. Being a Nanny for 12 yrs plus, I want to be able to give advice, answer questions and mingle with other childcare providers, babysitters, pet sitters, Nanny’s and even parents. I hope everyone have a great start to the New Year and please look forward to my posts.


A Special Sunday Reminder…

To the moms and dads who are figuring it out as first time parents, don’t be so hard on yourself. You have already succeeded the most momentous action of nature.  The blessing of bringing a child to into this life which earns you the most respected title of becoming a Mother or a Father. It’s not easy, it’s not something you can skip like a page in a book or wake up and it’s all over as if it was a dream. This is real Life. This is the beauty and sacrifice of it all. You are spectacular at what you do and you have awakened a power of strength to be the best example for your child. This goes out to single moms and dads who take late trips to the ER for high fevers and balance busy mornings on their own. This is for the couples who are scared shitless but at the same time depend on one another for support and reassurance. Before you go to sleep, tell yourself “I am the best that I can be.” Never let anyone overshadow your light! 



Meal in a Pouch?

Hey Dolls,Happy Monday!
I wanted to start off the week with of course FOOD! I’m pretty sure plenty of you moms, daddies and Nanny’s have seen these pouches of puree fruits and  vegetables. My little doll face that I take care of is 11months, her name is Eliza and LOVES this good stuff. Best of all?  There’s no mess and you can use it for breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner. What I  will say is please be careful to NEVER have the tops to these pouches just lying around. They are round, they come in different colors and may appeal to your child as a small toy.  For instance, Eliza is teething HEAVILY so she is now getting her hands on any and everything and trying to put things in her mouth. What do I do? Pockets are my best friend.  If I can’t get to a trash can, I put the top in my pocket, purse or my shirt pocket.

Now let’s get down to the use of these pouches that are delicious! Don’t be afraid to mix and experiment with your baby’s food. For Breakfast, I use the oatmeal cereal with some water (room temperature)  and I use just a few squirts from the Pouch to mix in together with the oatmeal cereal.  My favorite flavors to use for breakfast are:
-Pear, Kiwi&Kale (Fiber and Protein!)
-Apples, Cherries&Blueberries
-Mango, Orange&Banana
There’s even ones with oats and a cinnamon in it but there are tons of flavors. It’s all about exploring what your baby loves and which ones taste not so great and they make the adorable funny face that we all run to get our camera phones to snap..but we usually moss the moment (damn it).
These pouches are great to throw in the baby’s bag, your purse or even school lunches..YES. These pouches are not only for babies,  I have had 5 yr Olds and even up to 10 yr Olds that enjoy these as a snack, especially after an after school activity that involves sports such as swimming, basketball,  football,  soccer..whatever it is they are guaranteed to be Hungry. Some of you may think this is not real food and it’s not enough or not healthy because you may think puree foods lose it’s juice which has most of the vitamins your child needs. Please believe me it’s all there and if you’re still unsure? There is nothing wrong with getting out the blender and making your own and having fun in trying different foods blended together. you can find these sweet and savory treats at an organic food store or the organic section of a supermarket.  There’s tons of brands I’m sure but the brand Eliza’s parents purchase are: Earth’s Best and HappyBaby.  Let me know any tips you have in using these pouches or your concerns?  Have you tried them? What’s your child’s favorite flavor or worst flavor? Take care guys!