It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted on here and I want to become more consistent and active with this blog. I feel like I have so much to share and stories to tell. Being a Nanny for 12 yrs plus, I want to be able to give advice, answer questions and mingle with other childcare providers, babysitters, pet sitters, Nanny’s and even parents. I hope everyone have a great start to the New Year and please look forward to my posts.


Love your girls freely. Stand with them in front of a mirror and tell them how beautiful they are. Every freckle, blemish, scar or body shape is unique and they own it! Embrace your bouncy curls, straight and sleek hair, short and fun.. all of it is beautiful. Please give your girls..OUR girls the confidence from young. Start now.

Xoxo, Tiff


As we celebrate, I want all of you to keep in mind the beauty of life. It is imperfect, it’s not easy but it does not have to be filled with negativity and hate. I ask all of you to Be kind to one another and Most importantly, be kind to YOURSELF. Put yourself first, nurture your body, mind and soul. Make this year your own and live fearlessly and fierce. Go after what you need but at the same time, be patient and let things gravitate towards you naturally. There is always room for growth, always time to learn and never too late or too old to make mistakes! Happy New Years to all of my little dolls, hot mommas and dads! KEEP SHINING.